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Deadly Undercooked, Almost Raw

I really liked this place until recently when I ordered two chicken tacos and pop on my lunch break. The first chicken taco smelled a little bad and I didn’t even eat the second one after looking at it, it was raw and charred around the edges. I work at Mahle Behr which is nearby and didn’t have time to take it back since we only get a half hour lunch break. I started feeling ill in the afternoon and barely made it home before puking and shitting my brains out – the bodies way of expelling poison and toxic substances. My sickness continued through the night and I had to call off work the next day. I JUST WANTED TO DIE I’m letting everyone at work know that I got food poisoning at Victor’s Taco Shop and to avoid this place at all costs, YOU COULD DIE if you eat here!

Doesn't Recommend Victors Taco Shop

Sad. FAIR WARNING!! I just Door Dashed them and told them about the Pic, Cheese Sauce, and cilantro tomato I PAID for with my order. instead of trying to remedy it, they swore up and down that the order was correct. NO! Don’t get me started on the crunchy and burnt meat in my taco! I’d been going there and ordering from there since it opened. I will never ever drive through up there again.

I highly recommend you don’t Door Dash with them and make sure you look at your order before you leave the drive-thru.
Sad whoever they got working there has done this to this place. it was my go-to for Mexican food. Not anymore for sure!